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Artworks by Patricia Ariel

Artworks by Patricia Ariel

Artist of surrealist, mystic and visionary themes, Patricia was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she lived and worked until moving to the United States. Since she was a little child, she has been enjoying to give life to her private world through her drawings and writings. She has been drawing since the age of three, never remembering a single time of her life when she was not exploring some type of creative language. She has been also a performing artist, acting, dancing, and singing since her late teens. Although in part self-taught, she has had some formal training in visual arts that included academic drawing classes and a background in Fashion Design. Her love for teaching took her to a bachelors degree in Art Education with a specialization in History of Art from the Rio de Janeiro State University. But it was just after leaving her homeland that she considered the possibility of becoming a fine artist more seriously. Currently she has been consistently building a body of work based on her passion for the figurative art combined with expressionist and ornamental abstracts. Her inspiration and aesthetic references come from several sources, from the theater and ballet to Eastern Art, from the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil to contemporary Pop Art, including occult symbolism, Tarot, Astrology and metaphysics.

Our Digital Planet Photo Contest

Our Digital Planet Photo Contest

Show the world what the internet means to you…Has it saved you money, helped you to discover new interests or re-connect with old friends? Maybe you’ve set up your own online business or developed new skills. Perhaps it’s given you an active voice on an issue that you’re passionate about or introduced you to a new community that offers friendship, support and advice.

Digital photography is one of the quickest and easiest ways in which we can engage with the internet, sharing our experiences and stories with loved ones and with friends old and new…

Eligibility: Worldwide

Free to Enter

Prizes: £500 of photography equipment

Copyright and usage of your images: We do not claim or have ownership in any of the materials which you submit, post or display on or through our site. You retain ownership in such materials and you are free at all times to use your own materials as you see fit. By submitting, posting or displaying materials on our site, you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and free licence to use, publish, display, reproduce, modify and distribute such materials on and through our site and for the promotion, marketing and advertising of us and our site (and to permit others to do the same on our behalf).

Deadline: August 03, 2012


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Fine Art Photography Work Of Famous Photographers

Fine Art Photography Work Of Famous Photographers

Ansel Adams

(image credits:The Ansel Adams Gallery)
Ansel Adams was a master of fine art photography. He would pour 18 hours a day into his labor of love, his art. Neither he, nor his camera, knew the meaning of a day “off.” He loved his work though, and it shows. His photographs are legends and some of his classics includeMt. McKinley, Wonder Lake (top left), Half DomeMerced River, Winter (top right), Rose and Driftwood (middle left), Jeffery Pine Sentinel Dome(bottom left) and Moon and Half Dome (bottom right.) He was a huge activist for the environment and the wilderness.

Robert Mapplethorpe

(image credits:Robert Mapplethorpe)
Robert Mapplethorpe was another epic fine art photographer. As often as not, however, his photos stirred controversy and would be banned from an art gallery. Mapplethorpe sometimes used a Polaroid and stated, “it was more honest.”  A true artist, he snubbed his nose at social acceptance and conventional projects in favor of nudes, provocative S&M photographic documentation, or whatever caught his fancy. He caused ripples in the artistic community and was a powerful force in shaping fine art. The upper right photo is his self portrait.

Andrew Prokos Architecture and Landmarks

(image credits:Andrew Prokos)
As in all arts, fine art photography can be broken down into specific genres as well as photos that blur the lines and mix categories. Andrew Prokos is one such photographer. Although he has captured many black and white traditional fine art photos, his skillful shots include architectural and landmark collections such as: Interior of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City (top left), Spires of Gaudi’s Church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (top right), Rockefeller Center Atlas and St. Patrick’s Cathedral at Night (bottom left), and Grand Central Station Mercury Clock at Dusk (bottom right).

James Nachtwey Fine Art of War

james nachtwey WAR

(image credits:Clinics Rising,AgustinMedina,James Nachtwey,AgustinMedina,James Nachtwey,James Nachtwey,AgustinMedina,inmymothersroom,James Nachtwey)

James Nachtwey may possibly be the best war photographer to date. His work is definitely fine art as each picture successfully tells a poignant story worth much more than a thousand words. Nachtwey specializes in documenting war-torn countries. He once stated, “I’m working on a story that the world needs to know about. I wish for you to help me break it in a way that provides spectacular proof of the power of news photography in the digital age.” He has jeopardized his life so many times to let the world “see” what is happening that his guardian angel has surely suffered many bruises and busted bones.

Carlos Tarrats Still Life

Carlos Tarrats Still Life
(image credits:Carlos Tarrats)
Carlos Tarrats is a still life fine art photographer. His images are not digital manipulations but are constructed on a set and then printed digitally onto Kodak photographic paper. Much of his focus is on the versatility of plant life and serves as his main subject. When he holds his camera, he is considering life, death, hope and conflict. The protagonist is his photos, plants, may end up visually distorted, however he is shooting to give his viewer’s imagination a big dose of hope. “Hope is the possibility for something else, not necessarily something better and yet not necessarily something worse. Whether one is better than the other depends on one’s perception. It’s the uncertainty of the situation that gives the image tension and creates conflict.”

Mary Ellen Mark

mary ellen mark
(image credits:Mary Ellen Mark Gallery)
Mary Ellen Mark is an influential fine art photographer with a high degree of humanism. Through her travels and her pictures, she documents diverse cultures throughout our world. Her photo-essays include such work as bringing an Indian Circus and the lives of men, women, and children who work and live there into households and galleries for all to see. She captured one of her mentors and respected colleagues, Ansel Adams, in the upper left photo.

Grace Weston Constructed Fine Art Photographer

grace weston
(image credits:Grace Weston)
From the serious to the loopy, Grace Weston focuses on constructed fine art photographs. Her creativity might make you smile or make you scratch your head and think, hmm. Through her fictions, she stabs at the truth. Weston states, ‘Child-like fantasy scenes are punctuated with anxieties common to adulthood: choices must be made, demons haunt us, beauty conceals danger, the end of the world is near, and perhaps God does not have our best interests in mind. Picasso said, “Art is a lie that tells the truth”. I make up visual stories that address the dilemmas, illusions and fears that at once seem so personal, yet are also universal.’ In the upper left she presents Couples Therapy,while Winter Thaw is in the upper right. Heaven Help Us is at the bottom left and Winter Wish Winter Dream is at the bottom right.

Werner Bischof

werner bischof
(image credits:Werner Bischof Pictures)
Werner Bischof was originally from Switzerland before he began moving and then traveling as if from a young age he was destined to become a fine art photographer. For a period of his life, he worked for exclusively for a magazine. In fact, he photographed the Olympics, the devastation of the Second World War, and received other international recognition. However he left the ‘superficiality and sensationalism’ of the magazine business behind him and moved forward in search of tranquility in traditional culture. He was a founder of Magnum Photos and died tragically when his car fell off a cliff in the Andes. Above are some of his works, such as Buddha in Japan, children playing ring-around-the-rosie, and a view from Westminster Abbey at The Thames river (bottom right). Bischof is quoted saying,”I felt compelled to venture forth and explore the true face of the world. Leading a satisfying life of plenty had blinded many of us to the immense hardships beyond our borders.”

Other Fine Art Photography Types / Photographers

(image credits:Laurie Tümer,Thomas Michael Alleman,Jarrett Murphy,James Stillings,Richard Avedon,Richard Avedon Foundation)
Laurie Tümer takes fine art photographs as a narrative like Glowing Evidence: Jack-o’-Lantern (upper left). Thomas Michael Alleman works with urban landscapes such as the angel in downtown LA (upper right). Jarrett Murphy captured this tree (middle left) in Highland Park, yet his fine art photographs are classified as “other genres.” However, James Stillings is fascinated with the Hoover Dam Bypass Project (middle right) and intends to follow the progress with a photo-documentary. “When completed, the 1900 foot bridge will be the longest concrete arch span in the U.S. and 5th longest in the world. Watching the bridge’s construction at night is both magical and inspiring.” The pictures on bottom were taken by Richard Avedon who started as a fashion photographer and moved into fine arts and images of performers.

Narrative and PhotoMontage

(image credits:Photo Eye)
Keith Carter enjoys working with images and his imagination such as with Giant (upper left). He weaves tales of mysterious wonders with photographic narratives. Carter doesn’t seek reality but tries a poetic spin with his pictures. Instead cold hard facts presented through his artistic eye and talent, he hunts “around the edges for those little askew moments – kind of like what makes up our lives – those slightly awkward, lovely moments.” Tom Chambers brings the world photomontages. Chamber said, “I build my images, starting with an idea and converting it to a sketch that I follow to create the final image.” Pictured in the upper right is Aground. On the bottom left isPueblo Fire and on the bottom right is Horse Talk.

Fine Art Photography and Art Links

Fine Art Photography and Art Links

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    Online Museum:
    American Museum of Photography - not a traditional museum but worth a look

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    Art Access / Seattle
    Northwest Monthly Arts Magazine, featuring scheduled events and articles.

    Guide to photography exhibitions in New York City, also lists national and international photography exhibitions. - Online Gallery Guides for more than 4000 Art Galleries
    National and International photography exhibitions and events.


    Association of International Photography Art Dealers
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    The First Photograph - HRC Online Exhibit
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    CorbisLibrary of Congress Photo Collections
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    Aimone Art Services (Writing, Coaching, and Workshops)
    Ariane Goodwin (Writing the Artist Statement)  (Art Business and Career Source)
    Artist Career Training (Marketing and Business Training)
    Art+Design Educational Advisors (Academic Guidance)
    Artist's EDGE (Artist Success Coaching from Certified Life Coaches)
    ArtScope (Marketing Newsletter)
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    Aaron Siskind Foundation
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    Guggenheim Foundation
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    W. Eugene Smith Grant


    American Society of Media Photographers
    Association of International Photography Art Dealers
    Canadian Association for Photographic Art
    Cowboy Artists and Photographers of America
    International Association of Panoramic Photographers
    National Press Photographers Association
    North American Nature Photography Association
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    Society for Photographic Education
    Women In Photography International

    Other Non-Profit Photography and Art Organizations


    California Lawyers for the Arts
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    PhotoLink Gallery
    Scene Sketches Gallery - Site for Film & Digital Photographers

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    School of
    Mike Ware's Alternative
    Harry's Pro Shop - Photographic Processes

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    Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures
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    Santa Fe Workshops
    Visual Studies Workshop
    Stephen Johnson Photography
    Robert Farber

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    Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
    National Endowment for the ArtsUS Copyright Office
    Links to Additional Copyright Information (non-gov)
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration Photo Gallery
    Art Resource Network - Seattle Arts Commission


    Nash Editions
    Rock's Studio
    Cone Editions
    Custom Digital
    Pearl Publishing
    Omega Graphics
    Fine Print Imaging
    Firefly Editions


    LightImpressions - Leading resource for archival supplies
    Archival Methods - Archival storage boxes, portfolios, albums etc.
    AirFloat - Art packaging systems
    Daniel Smith
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    Alinari - Alinari Archive
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    Comstock Images
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    Getty Images
    Library of Congress American Memory Collections
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    NASA's Space Photo Gallery
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    The Stock Solution


    Gallery Hopper
    [EV+/-] Exposure Compensation
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    Photo Traveler Newsletter
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    Apogee Photo Magazine
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    Pioneers in Aviation
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